Welcome to black girl living

My documented journey of using art and travel as a way to live.. love.. in this wild, wild, beautiful world

What exactly does my journey entail?


Seeking the greatest experiences in life full of the most thrill both at home in the States and Abroad. Being stuck in the rat race isn't truly living - travel & adventure is! Join me as I add more and more countries to my travel list.

Sharing & Cultivating

Everything I learn on travel will be shared via my blog as I cultivate connections with all I meet on my journey. Travel tips, ways to save money, best destinations, guides and more will all be featured through blog posts.


My blog is a way to document every bit of my journey. You'll find various forms of expressive art: poetry & writing, short films, and more. To me self-expression through art is vital to a happy life.

Learning to Make My Own Way

I believe we're all finding the way to live our best lives.. Graduating college means stepping out to create a life worth living. I'm pursuing a life wholesome and free and want to share with others how to do the same.

A Lively Soul Can't Be Contained

Join the ride..

Curious as to how my journey pans out? Want tips from a girl who is living the experience? Well then join the ride! Stay up to date on new destinations and adventures as well as feedback on various travel tips and ways to save money for your own adventures.

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