Beach Hopping Tamarindo by Horse

Beach Hopping Tamarindo by Horse

April 23, 2019 Costa Rica 0

Tamarindo Beach on Costa Rica’s Pacific shore has sooo many activities to get into. You don’t always have to spend an arm and a leg on the excursion either.

There are vendors all along the beach soliciting you to spend your money with their services for a cost lower than what you’d pay at the companies located in the brick-and-mortars along the main street.

A couple men with several horses asked us if we’d like to take them for a ride. They looked like good horses and well cared for. We thought about it but decided to check out the shops located on the main street first.

Next thing you know the men and horses were gone! We walked along the beach looking for them as we soaked up the views, stopped for a couple pics, hopped in the water, and walked along the beach some more.

Further down we found them relaxing in the shade.

Taking another shot at it we talked some more. After some haggling we got the horse rides for $20 per person. Other vendors offered the rides for $40 per person so we came in a lot lower.

They were nice, beautiful horses. And the men were very kind. One spoke decent English while the other, who led our trip, spoke none at all. With the little Spanish I know communication wasn’t as hard as I thought, however.

I took the smaller horse and we started our journey all along the beach shore. The waves coming and going, the mountains and boats in the distance, the breeze passing along cooling me like a water-less oasis.

After riding through Tamarindo Beach we hit the road for about a 30 minute ride to another beautiful beach, Playa Langosta. Our guide took us to a small cut off of the main road and in between trees (seemed a bit sketchy at the time for me sense I had no idea where we were). But after riding into the cut and down a little slope the beautiful beach was exposed to us.

There was no one at this section of the beach. Just a few houses a ways behind us and the ocean before us. The horses weren’t able to ride on this section of the beach. So, we sat in the shade and listened to the waves come and go. After getting some pics in and relaxing some more we were back on the road.

This was a side of Costa Rica I hadn’t seen throughout the road trip. There were newly built beach condos and modern looking single family homes. Then there were the usual farm animals in other homes that I was accustomed to seeing in the country.

Tamarindo is more developed than many other beaches in the country and it looks that more development is coming.

During my travels I always keep the environment in mind. I always do what I can to watch my carbon footprint. Tourism puts an imprint on the earth no matter what.

As a tourist, riding along with my horse, I wondered how much good than bad or bad than good my presence is on their beach. For the environment? For the ocean? For the animals? Especially with all the coastal development happening? Getting away from the tourist sections and into the actual community you start to think these things to yourself.

We continue our ride.

Back through the the community homes that lie in the back streets of the beach we see a very teeny tiny glimpse of community life. It was mostly quiet.

Back to the beach we ride some more. Passing through small breaks in between trees, flowers, and buildings. Trading the paved road for sand, we were back onto the beach where the ocean and mountains reappeared and all the sounds of the beach strengthened: ocean waves, laughter, music.

Our time with the horses lasted about 1 1/2 hours total.

It was a lovely, yet existential, ride.


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