Taking Costa Rica by Boat – a Full Day Adventure

Taking Costa Rica by Boat – a Full Day Adventure

April 30, 2019 Costa Rica 0

A cruise is a must no matter what beach destination you’re headed to.┬áBeing out on the water offers a different perspective to the landscape and adds one more thing to appreciate about the country in which you’re visiting.

Catamaran photo courtesy of West Bay Tours in case you didn’t know what it was either!

While in Costa Rica we hopped onto a catamaran for a sunset cruise. To be real, I had no idea what a catamaran was before the tour. Having experienced it – I am now all for it. I would say gliding along the Pacific Ocean by way of a catamaran is the most chill way to do it. The nets on the deck of the boat are the perfect lounging space.

In Tamarindo, there are tons of kiosks and little buildings where it’s possible to book all sorts of tours: cruises, horseback riding, ATV tours, scuba diving adventures, you name it. Although the tour booking companies may be different they still tend to use the same service provider.

With that being known, and after speaking with several different booking companies, we chose to just book through our accommodation at Selina. The service provider we ended up having was Marlin del Rey.

The price was pretty fair although my cheap self always thinks prices could always be a little lower… the sunset cruise costed me about $80 USD but food and open bar was included plus it was an all day affair from 1pm to about 6:30pm.

We boarded a speed boat with a handful of others which transported us to the catamaran anchored further off shore.

After waiting a while for other speed boats to bring more guests we were ready to set sail. Or at least I was ready with a strawberry daiquiri in my hand!

The views were beautiful. From other boats perched around us to the mountains in the backdrop to the ocean spanning endlessly over the horizon- I mean, a girl could have sailed for days in Costa Rica.

About an hour and thirty minutes, two strawberry daiquiris, and one pina colada later we had finally made it to the snorkeling spot. I’d have to say I wasn’t impressed. Granted there is no telling when fish will be around. I get the boat crew aren’t clairvoyant. Maybe they don’t know the good spots or maybe there just aren’t many left given the current state of the earths health. Who knows. It was sad to see what looked like a dying coral reef beneath us. It made me wonder how much my tourism is adding to the cause or solution. We did manage to see a few jellyfish however. They were everywhere actually.

Not letting the death of the planet get me down too much I did have fun jumping off the side of the boat and drying off with the warmth of the sun.

Meanwhile, the crew got all of the food ready and set out: chicken, rice and beans, chips, fruit, etc. I’m a pescatarian so I ended up giving my chicken away. It was a pretty nice spread though. Despite having 50+ people on board there was actually food leftover for people to have seconds. And, of course, plenty of alcohol at the open bar. We were left with enough time for snorkeling, swimming, eating and drinking.

A couple of dolphins decided to swim along side of us on the ride back. It was amazing to get lost in the experience of riding with dolphins as the sunset. There is really no other feeling like it. The opportunity to have moments like that are what life is meant to be about. My gratitude ran deeper than the ocean.

It must’ve taken at least 30 minutes for the sun to set. Plenty of time for those Instagram worthy photos but also plenty of time to forget Instagram even exists and remember how inexplicably beautiful the world around us is.

Even while sharing a huge catamaran with 50+ people it was a great vibe. The boat crew were nice – the captain was hilarious with all the jokes he shared. And, the other guests were cool too. I ended up meeting a few people from Europe and the US who I shared tons of conversation with throughout the whole tour.

There was simply no way to be anything but blissful cruising around Costa Rica’s waters with good company, a curious dolphin, a full stomach, free drinks, and the best sunset views.


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