flowery queen, lady of the sun

flowery queen, lady of the sun

February 15, 2019 Art Poetry 0

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers

Maybe because each morning I wake to conquer the day

But it has yet to be won

I cave I peel, endless emotions each day I feel

When I just wanna rise and shine bright like the fiery sun

I laugh I cry every night ends with a sigh as I say hi to friends and loved ones

I suffer alone and feel like the only one

But I like sunflowers 🌻

The grow tall talll talllll yall

They’re green and earthy, strong and sturdy, and hold a yellow like the gold around the crown of a queen

The crown of the ring that sits around my head

I am heightening my self esteem

Because I know I hold a glow

That conquers everything

Alone or not I have a sunflower in me

And it is so lovely



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