Packing for Europe 9 Days

Packing for Europe 9 Days

March 27, 2019 Travel 0

If you’re like me then you love traveling in style but hate being weighed down with way too much luggage… I’d like to share travel lessons learned packing for Europe for a 9 day study abroad get away.

This are all of the items I started with but all I really needed are these key things...

Enough to be warm

Austria around March is still pretty cold and sometimes rainy/windy. Being prepared for the weather with only a FEW basic items clothing is essential.

Enough to be cute

I found this tricky to achieve while trying to pack light. Especially considering I had to back a gown, heels, and mask with accessories for a formal ball in a palace!! In retrospect I should’ve packed what I needed with the ball while keeping other cute clothing items at a minimum because I ended up buying cute things while on travel!

Enough to be comfortable

I gotta have the right shoes and outfit so I can endure a day full of adventure but also to capture those IG-worthy pics too!

How I should have packed..

Seeing travel bloggers on Instagram made me want to pack my whole closet! This just isn’t realistic. Not even for short term travel over Spring Break. What I started with were 5 pair of shoes and countless shirts, jeans, leggings, etc. No matter how much or how little you pack it will always feel like there could have been that one thing you should’ve brought along with you. Having packed quite of bit (my suitcase weighed about 50lbs. for only a 9 day stay) I ended my trip realizing that in reality just sticking with the basics is all I really needed: one pair of shoes for warmth/comfort/cuteness and my heels (along with my gown) for the ball, not a fresh shirt for everyday but just a few to re-wear, a couple of jeans with one pair of leggings and one outfit to wear to bed every night (you’ll be showered so it will stay fresh). For accessories nothing glitsy and glamorous is needed. It can even make you a target. I only kept two pair of earrings and my Apple watch. For toiletries I bought the most perfect travel bag from Wal-Mart less than $15 that neatly organize ALL my bathroom essentials. A travel bag like this is a must.¬†

The best method to use is: less is more. The less you bring the more you can focus on the experiences you’re having not the clothes you’ll be wearing, tap into your creative side to come up with cute new outfit variations with the few items you have, spend less time getting ready for the day and more time in the city, buy more items while abroad, and probably more importantly you don’t have to drag around a heavy backpack or luggage.

What are some of your packing hacks?


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